Tour Ideas


Daily tours of Detroit from Downtown to Local Secrets will go throughout the city to see the essentials. Detroit’s best tour guide shows a side of the city that other tour companies miss. Exploring Detroit helped show me what a fascinating and unique city it is. Let's See Detroit together.


Michigan Central Station Train Station

Detroit 101

Essentials tour

A driving and walking overview of Downtown, Midtown, Lafayette Park, Eastern Market, the Riverfront, Belle Isle and Corktown, with visits inside several historic buildings. A good starting point for your own further explorations of our complex and fascinating city.

Detroit Downtown Architecture

Looking Up

architecture tour

Devoted to Detroit’s gorgeous collection of buildings including the Guardian Building and the Fisher Building. From Beaux Arts and Art Deco through Modernism and Post-modernism, Detroit is an encyclopedia of architectural masterworks.

Detroit History

Making History In Detroit

Historical Tour

In industry, design, automobiles, music, civil rights, and the labor movement, take a look at the places where Detroit’s history of invention and innovation has changed our nation and our world.

Detroit Neighborhoods West Village

The Villages and Towns

Neighborhoods Tour

A look at Detroit’s neighborhoods from Corktown, Greektown and Mexicantown to the opulent homes of Boston-Edison and Indian Village.

Detroit Albert Kahn Architecture Belle Isle Conservatory

All Albert, All The Time

Albert kahn architecture tour

Architect Albert Kahn, ‘The Builder of Detroit’, designed hundreds of Detroit buildings, from homes and synagogues to skyscrapers and factories. His visionary designs left an indelible mark on our city and world.

Detroit River Riverfront Riverwalk

We Gather By The River

riverfront & parks tour

The name ‘Detroit’ means a ‘Strait’, and the Detroit River has shaped the city’s development since the beginning. See the parks and canals, the Riverwalk, and the ships that pass along our shared border with Canada.

Detroit African Bead Museum Local Secret

Off The Beaten Path

local secrets tour

From True North to Harbor Island, from Bon Bon Bon to Shatila Bakery, from the African Bead Museum to Hipster Beach, Detroit has a lot of little places that may not make the guidebooks, but are important threads making up Detroit’s urban fabric.

Detroit Public Street Art Mural Graffiti Murals in the Market

Eye Candy

Public art tour

Murals, sculpture, fountains and art installations are found throughout Detroit. They range from the much-photographed Heidelberg Project, and the Joe Louis memorial ‘The Fist’, to small sculpture parks and mural-lined alleys.


Is there a sight you don’t want to miss? We usually can include special requests on the public tour if they are located in central Detroit. You can also plan a private, custom tour. Private tours are 4 hours or more, and are planned with your interests in mind.